KINOFILM was founded in Los Angeles in 1996 by Mikhail Shindel. After leaving a senior producing position at ACME Filmworks where he worked on numerous animated commercials for brands such as Coca-Cola, Levi's, Toyota, Reebok, and the National Forest Service, Shindel's new company quickly landed a deal to produce "Mike,Lu, and Og", a children's series on the Cartoon Network.

Series production began in 1997 in collaboration with renowned animator Mikhail Aldashin and award-winning writer/director Chuck Swenson ("Rugrats","Ahh! Real Monsters"). The series premiered on the Cartoon Network in the fall of 1999 garnering tremendous praise during a three season run.

Having worked previously with "The Animation Celebration" and later co-producing Bravo's "Masters of Russian Animation" series, Shindel has developed personal relationships with many of the most talented animators in Eastern Europe. These relationships have been instrumental in developing the formidable talent resources of KINOFILM studios. Merging classic European tradition with Western pop culture has given Kinofilm's work a distinctive style and sensibility.

KINOFILM continues to produce master-crafted animation for commercials, on-air promos, music videos and interactive entertainment.